Forgotten Realms 2012

Mid March Emails

The story continues

During the week of rest, Shamayim takes the stepping disc to Curuvar and asks him for help deciphering how to use it. After some research, Curuvar determines that the discs can be overwritten and reprogrammed to a new destination, but he doesn’t know how. He suggests seeking out a scholar of ancient dwarven realms for further help.

Shamayim also discovers that the local shopkeepers are being bothered by a tiefling named Narrows, who is demanding tribute for his boss, the lady of shadows. Many of the shopkeepers have given into the demands, but the owner of the general store has refused and has asked the group for help. Tryn was able to tail Narrows one night to an abandoned building on the north side of town. Seeing him enter, she attempted to find out more information, but with the windows boarded up, she was stymied.

At the banquet, Lady Moonfire thanked you for your service and asked for your help in retaking a couple of lost towns – Zelbross to the west and Llorkh to the east. Zelbross was a small town – a coupled hundred people – that was abandoned decades ago and is now inhabited by a group of slavers. Llorkh is another small town that was abandoned long ago, and while few people head that way anymore, it is rumored to be used by the cult of Bane (evil god of fear and hatred) for purposes unknown. Lady moonfire gave you a free base of operations as compensation, which is yours to keep, assuming you succeed.



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