Forgotten Realms 2012

March 9, 2012

Completing the Barrow

You delve deeper into the barrow, defeating dwarven zombies and groups of goblins. Descending a large cavern, you find High Shaman Sancossug performing a ritual over the skeletal remains of a large humanoid. After a brief attempt at conversation, Shamayim brands the shaman a coward and rushes to attack. The group handily defeats the shaman, grabs the skull totem from the remains, one of the stepping discs, and heads back to Loudwater.

Back in town, Curuvar is impressed with the group, and shares a little more knowledge – that the orge king wasn’t really an orge. He was an oni, a similar creature, but a bit larger and smarter. The oni was exploring the dire wood, but for what reason is unclear. Curuvar also seems interested in researching information pertaining to the stepping disc, promising to look into it and share what he finds.

After your dealers with Curuvar, Sunsteen Urbeth, the assistant to the mayor, Lady Moonfire, informs you of a banquet to be held in your honor in one weeks’ time. He hands you invitations, and departs.

With a week before the banquet, you each find some time on your hands and pursue personal interests.



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