Forgotten Realms 2012

Feb 3, 2012

Defeating Bubbles

The party continued into the kobold den, battling dragonshields and wyrmpriests, finally facing a white wyrmling in the throne room of the cavern, which turned out to be an old abandoned dwarven stronghold.

After defeating the dragon, you discover that his egg had been stolen by the kobold tribe, with the intent to train it to fight by their side. The dragon turned on the kobolds, forcing them into servitude, and having them raid Loudwater for trinkets and gold to add to his horde. The few remaining kobolds promised to move away from the area and bother Loudwater no more.

Before the killing blow against the dragon was struck, he admitted defeat. Saying he had no wish to die, heasked the party to spare his life in exchange for his horde and ‘the white dragons owing you one.’ While there was some dissent among the party, ultimately you agreed, and the dragon went on its way. When asked his name, the dragon responded that he did not have one, so Mouzer dubbed him Bubbles.

As he left the throne room, his parting words were, ‘When the age of dragons arrives, you will be spared.’ You get the distinct impression that his reference to ‘the age of dragons’ was not mere bluster.

In the dragon’s hoard, you found a basket of everlasting provisions and a bag of holding, 1 jade gem, 1 amber gem, and 1 pearl, along with 200 gold pieces.

With the kobold problem resolved, you headed headed back to town, claimed your reward, and decided to rest there for the night before heading out to the orge king’s barrow.



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