Forgotten Realms 2012

Feb 24, 2012

Off to the Ogre King

After spending a night in Loudwater to rest up from the battle with Bubbles, and to stock up on supplies, the party headed out to the barrow of the ogre king. Skirting around the trapped courtyard, you enter the barrow, and fine a room containing several goblins. In the course of dispatching them, you fell into a pit, discovering several starved dogs. With the help of your infinite basket of food, you rescued the dogs from their plight, and set them free outside the barrow. Also in the room, you found an ancient dwarven stepping disc. These discs were used by the Ammarindar dwarves, a long extinct tribe, to traverse their empire instantly. The discs were used as portals to other locations, and is a movable 100 pound stone block. At this point, no one has attempted to use the disc, and you decide to leave it in place for the time being.



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