Forgotten Realms 2012

Mid March Emails
The story continues

During the week of rest, Shamayim takes the stepping disc to Curuvar and asks him for help deciphering how to use it. After some research, Curuvar determines that the discs can be overwritten and reprogrammed to a new destination, but he doesn’t know how. He suggests seeking out a scholar of ancient dwarven realms for further help.

Shamayim also discovers that the local shopkeepers are being bothered by a tiefling named Narrows, who is demanding tribute for his boss, the lady of shadows. Many of the shopkeepers have given into the demands, but the owner of the general store has refused and has asked the group for help. Tryn was able to tail Narrows one night to an abandoned building on the north side of town. Seeing him enter, she attempted to find out more information, but with the windows boarded up, she was stymied.

At the banquet, Lady Moonfire thanked you for your service and asked for your help in retaking a couple of lost towns – Zelbross to the west and Llorkh to the east. Zelbross was a small town – a coupled hundred people – that was abandoned decades ago and is now inhabited by a group of slavers. Llorkh is another small town that was abandoned long ago, and while few people head that way anymore, it is rumored to be used by the cult of Bane (evil god of fear and hatred) for purposes unknown. Lady moonfire gave you a free base of operations as compensation, which is yours to keep, assuming you succeed.

March 9, 2012
Completing the Barrow

You delve deeper into the barrow, defeating dwarven zombies and groups of goblins. Descending a large cavern, you find High Shaman Sancossug performing a ritual over the skeletal remains of a large humanoid. After a brief attempt at conversation, Shamayim brands the shaman a coward and rushes to attack. The group handily defeats the shaman, grabs the skull totem from the remains, one of the stepping discs, and heads back to Loudwater.

Back in town, Curuvar is impressed with the group, and shares a little more knowledge – that the orge king wasn’t really an orge. He was an oni, a similar creature, but a bit larger and smarter. The oni was exploring the dire wood, but for what reason is unclear. Curuvar also seems interested in researching information pertaining to the stepping disc, promising to look into it and share what he finds.

After your dealers with Curuvar, Sunsteen Urbeth, the assistant to the mayor, Lady Moonfire, informs you of a banquet to be held in your honor in one weeks’ time. He hands you invitations, and departs.

With a week before the banquet, you each find some time on your hands and pursue personal interests.

Feb 24, 2012
Off to the Ogre King

After spending a night in Loudwater to rest up from the battle with Bubbles, and to stock up on supplies, the party headed out to the barrow of the ogre king. Skirting around the trapped courtyard, you enter the barrow, and fine a room containing several goblins. In the course of dispatching them, you fell into a pit, discovering several starved dogs. With the help of your infinite basket of food, you rescued the dogs from their plight, and set them free outside the barrow. Also in the room, you found an ancient dwarven stepping disc. These discs were used by the Ammarindar dwarves, a long extinct tribe, to traverse their empire instantly. The discs were used as portals to other locations, and is a movable 100 pound stone block. At this point, no one has attempted to use the disc, and you decide to leave it in place for the time being.

Feb 3, 2012
Defeating Bubbles

The party continued into the kobold den, battling dragonshields and wyrmpriests, finally facing a white wyrmling in the throne room of the cavern, which turned out to be an old abandoned dwarven stronghold.

After defeating the dragon, you discover that his egg had been stolen by the kobold tribe, with the intent to train it to fight by their side. The dragon turned on the kobolds, forcing them into servitude, and having them raid Loudwater for trinkets and gold to add to his horde. The few remaining kobolds promised to move away from the area and bother Loudwater no more.

Before the killing blow against the dragon was struck, he admitted defeat. Saying he had no wish to die, heasked the party to spare his life in exchange for his horde and ‘the white dragons owing you one.’ While there was some dissent among the party, ultimately you agreed, and the dragon went on its way. When asked his name, the dragon responded that he did not have one, so Mouzer dubbed him Bubbles.

As he left the throne room, his parting words were, ‘When the age of dragons arrives, you will be spared.’ You get the distinct impression that his reference to ‘the age of dragons’ was not mere bluster.

In the dragon’s hoard, you found a basket of everlasting provisions and a bag of holding, 1 jade gem, 1 amber gem, and 1 pearl, along with 200 gold pieces.

With the kobold problem resolved, you headed headed back to town, claimed your reward, and decided to rest there for the night before heading out to the orge king’s barrow.

January 20, 2012
Journey's Start

You begin your adventures in the town of Loudwater, a moderate size town. For the past few months, you’ve been making a living performed bodyguard-type tasks for local merchants. You know each other, but not well. Recently, kobold raids on the shops in town have been increasing, and with the town guard being short staffed, the raids haven’t been given much attention. Thoradin Bronzebeard, one of Loudwater’s city councilmen, has asked you to help clear out a suspected den of then a few miles to the south east, and you’ve agreed to a contract on 70 gold each, plus 10 gold per kobold head you bring back.

As you finish your dealings with Bronzebeard, the south wall of Loudwater explodes, and a group of goblins rush in, intent on something contained in the shop, Garwan’s Curiosities. You finish them off with ease, and find a note on their leader. The note references an attempt by someone named High Shaman Sancossug at reviving an Orge King, but needing a horn totem to complete the ritual. The horn totem was taken from the goblin’s barrow by the wizard Curuvar, and sold to Garwan. After Shamayim purchased the horn totem for the low, low price of 60 gold, you head over to the tavern to talk with Curuvar, who gives you directions to the barrow.

But, you decide to tackle the kobold problem first, and head out the east side of town, following the directions that Bronzebeard gave you. After a few miles, you head south, into the forest, following a dirt path. You come across a tipped wagon that had clearly been raided, and 2 dead humans, who you assume to be the former owners of the cart. Most of the valuables had been picked clean, but Tryn located a gold bar (worth 100gp) that the raiders had missed, and tucked it away without anyone seeing.

Continuing south for another half mile or so, you come across the entrance to an underground den, guarded by a bunch of kobolds. After dispatching them, you cut off their heads as proof of their demise for Bronzebeard, and stay outside the den to heal your wounds.

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